Nigeria snatches a deserved victory from the Pharaohs

The Nigerian team defeated its Egyptian counterpart, with a goal without a response, on Tuesday, in the start of the fourth group matches of the African Nations Cup, Total Energies - Cameroon 2021.

Nigeria snatches a deserved victory from the Pharaohs

The match was held at Rumdi Adgia Stadium in Garoua, and Kleichi Iheanacho managed to snatch the winning goal for the Eagles in the 30th minute.

 The Nigerian team took the lead in Group D with 3 points, waiting to meet Sudan and Guinea Bissau in the same group.

 Egypt and Nigeria | moment by moment

 The end of the match on the impact of the victory of the Nigerian team with a goal without a response.

 93 minutes - Egypt's best player, Mohamed El-Shenawy, protects his den again from the dangerous Nigerian solitaries, and this time he almost scored Shedira Ijoki, but El-Shenawy's exit was at the crucial time.

 90th minute - Resolute attempts by the Egyptian team to equalize, but the Nigerian defensive bloc and the absence of the explicit spearhead after Queiroz directed Mustafa Mohamed completely squandered the Egyptian attempts from the right and left sides.

 71 minutes - The Egyptian team's most dangerous chances in the match, or specifically the first real chance, Mohamed Salah received the through pass from Zizou and penetrated despite the defensive pressure, but he shot in the body of the Nigeria goalkeeper in his first test.

 67th minute - Despite the attempts of the Egyptian team to wake up the attack, the danger is always on the part of Nigeria. Iheanacho received the ball inside the penalty area and penetrated and then shot into the outer net of Egypt's goal.

 Queiroz is looking for an amendment in the offensive part. He directed Trezeguet, Mustafa Mohamed, and pushed Ramadan Sobhi and Ahmed Sayed Zizou

 57th minute - Egyptian attempts through a number of passes in the middle of the field to gain confidence and possession of the ball, but the danger from the Nigerian lightning and quick attacks, Iheanacho, almost added the second goal, but El-Shennawy, Egypt's goalkeeper, again saved complete isolation with his goal.

 48th minute - Nigeria continues its dominance and advantage Taiwo Onyi almost scored the second goal with a header close to the goal, but El-Shennawy saved his goal at the crucial time.

 The second change for the Egyptian national team, Ahmed Fattouh, and Ayman Ashraf went down

 46th minute - The start of the second half | Egypt to restore balance after the first half to forget and Nigeria to continue to excel and excel in everything.

 The end of the first half, with a deserved lead for the Nigerian Eagles, with a goal without a response.

 42nd minute - Queiroz was completely unable to deal tactically with the Nigerian team's attacking superiority and penetrations from the left side, Taiwo Onyi hit a creeping ground from the left flank that was grabbed by Mohamed El-Shenawy with difficulty.

 30th minute - Nigeria translates its advantage to a wonderful goal scored by Kelechi Iheanacho, Leicester City star, with a shot from inside the penalty area with his left, Nigeria's eagles penetrate as they wish from the left front.

 27th minute - The Nigerian team is the best in general, Moses Simon, and the ball arrived from the left side, which appears to be a real hole in the defenses of the Egyptian team.

 24th minute - In a very strange and unusual scene, referee Bakari Gassama stopped the match for the third time due to the ball being unfit to play, and it was changed again before he could continue playing.

 11th minute - An early blow to the Egyptian team with the loss of its right-back Akram Tawfik, who went out and replaced him with Mohamed Abdel Moneim.

 Fifth minute - The first attacking attempt in the match was made by the Egyptians. Mustafa Mohamed started from the right side, passed his speed and shot the ball towards the goal, which was easily caught by Nigeria goalkeeper Madoka Okoye.

The first minute - referee Bakari Gassama blew his whistle, announcing the start of the major confrontation between Nigeria and Egypt in the opening matches of Group D. The Egyptian team is looking for victory and a strong start in pursuit of the eighth title in its career, while the Nigerian Eagles team seeks to fly early in the sky of the tournament by winning over its strongest competitors in the group.

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