Barcelona striker Zelzouli rejects the invitation of the Moroccan national team

Barcelona striker Abdel Samad Zalzouli refused to accept the Moroccan national football team's invitation to participate in the upcoming African Nations Cup in Cameroon early next year, according to the Moroccan Football Federation announced Thursday night.

"The national voter, Vahid Khalilhodzic, decided to summon the player Tariq Al-Tisoudali, the player of the Belgian team from Ghent, instead of the player Abdel-Samad Al-Zalzouli," the federation said in a brief statement.

 And the local online newspaper, Le 360, reported Friday that Zalzouli "refuses to wear the Moroccan national team shirt", explaining that "he prefers to represent the Spanish national team after obtaining Spanish citizenship on Wednesday."

 In turn, the online newspaper "Al-Mouktahab" reported that the Moroccan Football Association received a letter from Zalzouli, 20, declaring that "he will not join the national team camp in anticipation of participating in the African Nations Cup (...) and that he decided to play from now on for the Spanish national team after he He recently obtained a Spanish passport.

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