Xavi's Barça debut: green brotes and a lot of suffering

green brotes and a lot of suffering

Improvements are being made in the culé game, yet defensive issues remain.

Xavi's Barça debut: green brotes and a lot of suffering

Change everything in the first game. El new entrenador apenas ha dispuesto de tiempo para trabajar with toda la plantilla, pero durante el derbi se puede voir algo of lo que el egarense desea por su Barça.

If the game had only lasted 45 minutes, the culés would have reason to be especially optimistic about their team. The defense was strong, with numerous recoveries in the opponent's danger zone.

The deepest and tallest Barça of the season was also seen. The problem is that everything that was good in the first half vanished after the break, with the passage of time.

Barcelona continues to have serious defensive issues

It is undeniable that Barcelona continues to have serious defensive issues. If Espanyol is a little more accurate in the last meters, they will easily win the Camp Nou derby. The occurrences that were forgiven in the final stages of the encounter speak very poorly of the culé zaga... and the blanquiazule attackers. People continue to flock to this Barça with undue ease, putting them in danger zones.

It is necessary to put in a significant effort in resolving this, especially in light of the Champions League final on Tuesday against Benfica.

Barcelona victory led by Xavi

In any case, the good news for Barcelona is that their team was able to reclaim the victory banner. Xavi's signature insists on reclaiming his juggling prowess, which is true, but it's now necessary to add three to three. Starting with a win gives oxgen to the new boss. Margen wants to be able to work with players in order to make his Barcelona what he wants it to be. There were a few pinceladas last night, but it was clear that there is still a lot to do.

Everything that didn't win the derby would have pinched the globe. Since the announcement of Xavi Hernández's arrival at his banquillo, there has been a climate of delusion among the culés.

It's a lucky break.

The derby also gives the impression that luck is returning to Barcelona. The culés date from a complicated era in which rivals appeared to be capable of scoring goals without having to create opportunities. Today was the polar opposite of yesterday. Whether it was because Ter Stegen rediscovered his guardian angel, the flor de Xavi, or pure luck, I had the feeling that something had changed in Can Barça yesterday. There are green brotes. They're small, but they're there.

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