Madrid intensifies 'Operation Rüdiger'... with Bayern as a threat

  Madrid intensifies 'Operation Rüdiger'... with Bayern as a threat

Madrid intensifies 'Operation Rüdiger'... with Bayern as a threat

The Chelsea center-back is another 'Alaba case,' as his contract expires in 2022 if he does not renew.

If players end up in large equipment contracts, it has happened with some regularity over the last two seasons. The story does not always end the way the footballer expects it to, but some, like Alaba, find lodging in the location they seek. Antonio Rüdiger is now looking to do something similar, and Real Madrid would welcome him with open arms.

Antonio Rüdiger is one of those players whose contract expires on June 30 and is not renewed by his current team, Chelsea. The German center-back is not the only example, but it is one of the most notable. 

On January 1, he will be able to sign with a team that does not want to reach an agreement with the London club's leaders. Real Madrid is aware of the defender's situation, and reports from Rüdiger's recent games suggest that the central defender should be signed.

Ensured success

A year later, the situation repeats itself, and if David Alaba signs his contract with Real Madrid on January 10, it would not be surprising if history is rewritten in the same way.The Austrian has perfectly adapted to the Madrid discipline, and the bank club believes that the same can be said for Rüdiger, an experienced player whose behavior at Chelsea is exceptional on all levels.

From the noble zone of the white team, it is clear that they will not move until legality is on their side, that is, until the first day of 2022, when they can sign for any team. While that moment arrives, the player and the English club can still reach an agreement, though repeated misunderstandings between both parties make the renewal more difficult.

The free player market was not particularly appealing to Real Madrid a few years ago, but the economic situation of football has led white leaders to seek and find, as in the case of Alaba, a more than profitable player, which justifies his arrival in every game since his signing. Aside from Mbappé, Madrid's leaders believe Rüdiger (28 years old) can play an important role in the club's future.

12 million per year

According to the English press, Rüdiger expects to earn 12 million euros per season, an amount that Chelsea does not appear willing to pay the central defender, no matter how much that means losing him without leaving a single euro in cash.

What appears to be clear is that the negotiation with the English club has reached a critical juncture. Unlike in Bayern, no one at Stanford Brigde has discussed Rüdiger's future. Twelve months ago, the leaders of the German club announced that Alaba would not be renewing his contract with Bayern Munich. The versatile defender arrived in Madrid seven months later.

Along with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich is the team that is most appealing to Rüdiger. The German press recently reported that the Bavarian entity would accept the 12 million euro token that it has requested for each season.

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