Turbo Stars - Rival Racing‏

Turbo Stars - Rival Racing‏


Do you think you have the stuff to be a Turbo Star? Then, at that point bounce on your skateboard πŸ„ and speed down the track in this wild and quick moving hustling game! 


Zoom through a wide assortment of elating tracks and rout your rivals in a cutthroat πŸ›Ή skating match-up that puts a new twist on the karting sort 🏎️. The short tracks and quick speed implies that each move you make tallies! Will you be the primary racer to cross the end goal πŸ₯‡, or will you collide with a rotating divider and permit your opponents to advance beyond you? 

Watch out: you'll need something beyond high speed to succeed! While you're dashing, you'll need to think quick to get things that will help you acquire a benefit — or even get and toss your rivals on the off chance that they get excessively near you! Simply make a point to evade rapidly enough to stay away from any snags that will back you off. 

Remember to grab πŸ’° coins and keys to open an entire bundle of amazing things, including catalysts, new items to ride on, and gear for your person. You can even perform noteworthy stunts during leaps to score some additional coins! Or then again take it to a higher even out and challenge gravity in burrows by doing circle the-circles or riding topsy turvy on the roof! 


  •  Win in front of the rest of the competition to open the following track, procure rubies, and wear the crown. Contend with up to 11 adversaries. 

  •  While hustling, gather coins and keys to gain admittance to new stuff. You can dispatch yourself into the air on the edges of lines or over slopes to perform wild deceives for an additional increase in coins — also speed! 

  •  Grab accommodating things that can give you the advantage over your adversaries like in customary karting match-ups. Grab a defensive ring of turning blades, a magnet that draws in coins, or an electrical discharge that strikes the track. Furthermore, throw your rivals noticeable all around to excel! 

  •  As you level-up, you can speed up, coin rewards, and beginning lift to keep up with the edge over your adversaries. Try not to botch freedoms to play the extra smaller than usual game, where you can open money boxes to track down the best prize! 

  •  Save up coins and rubies and acquire rewards. Get new skateboards and different items to ride on, as hoverboards, rocket packs, bikes, unicycles, πŸ›Ό roller skates, inflatable balls, and the sky is the limit from there. 

  •  Customize your person with a lot of cool skins, acts out, and deceives! Pick looks and accomplices to coordinate with your skate style. 

  •  Enjoy fun audio effects and strange illustrations with vivid race tracks and excellent foundations. 

Is it accurate to say that you are feeling exhausted? 😬 Then leap on a board! Download Turbo Stars and begin dashing at present! πŸ˜ƒ