Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2

Would you like to be the head cook of your own personal sushi café? Look at Toca Kitchen Sushi, the freshest application from Toca Boca 👉 

The fiercely mainstream Toca Kitchen is back! With new visitors to cook for, additional apparatuses to play with and new food blends to try out, Toca Kitchen 2 welcomes all culinary specialists to get chaotic and begin playing! 


Who said dishes must be pretty and scrumptious? In Toca Kitchen 2 you can cook nonetheless you need! Juice tomatoes, heat up the plate of mixed greens or make a burger. Think of your own personal plans and treat your visitors to something uncommon. 


With six distinct kitchen devices to browse, you have the ideal arrangement for getting ready fun food varieties! Burden up with your #1 fixings, add a press of chaos and polish off with a touch of oddness. Time to allow your visitor to have a nibble! Was it a victor? 


Find your visitors' inclinations by watching their responses. Broiler prepared fish head with singed extras and lettuce juice coming straight up! Gracious, they didn't care for it? Take a stab at adding some salt. It's enjoyable to get the "ew"! 

We added a ton of fun stuff! You would now be able to appreciate cooking: 

New food varieties! 

  • - Chicken 
  • - Prawn 
  • - Pineapple 
  • - Corn 
  • - Peach 
  • - Strawberry 
  • - Watermelon 
  • - Onion 
  • - Octopus 
  • - Spaghetti 
  • - Rice 
  • New toppings! 
  • - Ketchup 
  • - Dressing 
  • - Soy 

Watch the characters respond to hot sauce and harsh lemons or and chuckle at boisterous burps. 

Finally yet not least, we added more degrees of grossness to the characters. Have a good time! 


  • - New fixings in the refrigerator 
  • - New characters to take care of 
  • - Stronger person responses 
  • - New juicer and stove 
  • - Deep fryer! You can now profound fry anything. Get your covering on. 
  • - No standards or stress - simply open-finished, kid-coordinated fun! 
  • - No outsider publicizing 
  • - No in-application buys 

What are you sitting tight for? Get in the kitchen and begin cooking! 

Toca Kitchen 2 is a free cooking application for youngsters that is ideal for yearning culinary specialists. Children can pretend a gourmet specialist in a kitchen brimming with scrumptious food sources and fixings! Figure out how to cook your number one dish or trial with fun blends to take care of hungry clients. This great cooking application makes certain to convey only diversion for youngsters! 

There's no time cutoff points or rules, right or wrong, so investigate every one of the fixings and devices the kitchen has to bring to the table! Concoct some insane food and feed your visitors. 


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