Johnny Trigger - Action Shooting Game

Johnny Trigger - Action Shooting Game

 Johnny Trigger – International Man of Mayhem! 

Upscale, lethal and smooth as a billiard ball, Johnny Trigger is a man on a mission in this constant stage shooter game where the activity won't ever end. 

Do you have the stuff to cut down the underground universe of the mafia? "Less talk, more projectiles" – that is Johnny's proverb as he runs, bounces, twists, slides and continues shooting till each trouble maker's failed miserably. 

🔥 Trigger admonition – Johnny's coming! 🔥 

  •  Thousands of levels of deadly disorder to battle through, each requesting an extraordinary strategic arrangement and rapid trigger fingers! Johnny moves constantly, so when the miscreants line up in your sights, you have quite recently once opportunity to get shooting. 

  •  Be mindful so as not to hit prisoners, however. After all you're the saint of this game, not some frenzied executioner! Should you coincidentally end the existence of a blameless non military personnel, it's starting over. 

  •  Hit those difficult to-reach slime balls with the force of physical science! Stunt shots, ricochets, blasts and gravity are all important for Johnny's wrongdoing battling munititions stockpile… 

  •  ...alongside firearms aplenty! Cause genuine ruin with 57 one of a kind weapons to gather – 11 guns, 12 SMGs, 9 programmed rifles, 10 superguns 🔫 and 4 Ultimate firearms with fearsome abilities ensured to give the trouble makers a terrible shock. For the completist, there's likewise 5 base firearms, 3 group weapons and 3 VIP weapons. Fundamentally, a shedload of firearms to gather, appreciate and butcher criminals with. 

  •  Regarding the matter of sheds, gather keys to open Johnny's 10 wonderful base rooms and get pounding to transform them into lavish hideouts. Turns out our activity saint's an incredible jack of all trades in his leisure time. 

  •  Sweet designs and a banging soundtrack – Johnny's reality would be an extraordinary spot to chill if not for that load of annoying criminals sneaking round each corner. Simply think how decent it'll be whenever you've slaughtered every single one of them! 

  •  More than 20 diverse beautiful skins to assist Johnny with going secret in the dim hidden world of coordinated wrongdoing, and afterward shoot the living hellfire out of it! 

  •  Boss fights request the entirety of Johnny's brains and sharp shooting as you bring down the masters of the hidden world in a jumping, turning tempest of projectiles. 

💣 Looking for activity? Here's Johnny! 💣 

Make a plunge and get shooting! Johnny Trigger's short yet monstrously fulfilling levels make it the ideal activity game to fill a brief break between gatherings, talks or exercises. What's more, on the off chance that you have somewhat more time, there's such a great amount to gather and another 

est round each corner.